Chunky Cloud


Details ~

this cloud backpack is made of 3 cloud pockets; one large, and two medium. With individual linings. Closed by drawstrings. With crocheted straps for optimal comfort attached to fixed belt straps. Let this bag be your cloud 9. Designed and made by Rae. 

This bag takes 17 hours to materialize.

Size ~med~

Middle Cloud ~ 11” deep x 10” wide
9” Opening
Side Clouds ~ 7 deep 9” x wide
8” Opening

Materials ~
Small chunky thread bought first hand for the exterior of the bag. The ligning is a fabric bought second hand, which is usually a cotton polyester blend. The detailing is a polyester thread. If you have any material allergies let me know when placing your order and I will do my best to use alternatives.

Care ~

When washing place inside a pillow case or protective garment bag before washing in cold water. Leave it in the encasing for the dryer as well. The washing of the bag without a protective layer will greatly contribute to shortening the life of your bag.

Shipping ~

All bags are made to order, therefore expect a week processing time on top of delivery times.