Crown Balaclava

Sizing chart

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Details ~

This crocheted open top balaclava covers your head, neck and face while allowing your hair to evade smooshing. Giving you the liberty to wear your hair as you please.

This balaclava takes 6 hours to materialize

Materials ~

As you add this item to your cart you will be given three material options that vary in price. You have the option of Mohair, a partial synthetic blend, or previously used materials that I have prepared for new use.

Care ~

When washing place inside a pillow case or protective garment bag before washing in cold water. Leave it in the encasing for the dryer as well. The washing of the bag without a protective layer will greatly contribute to shortening the life of your piece.

Shipping ~

All balaclavas are made to order, therefore expect a two week processing time on top of delivery times.