Rope Flex


Details ~

Details ~ This bag with its straps ending in carabiners makes it the ultimate shape shifter bag. It can be a backpack, a tote, a messenger bag, all in one. With a large range of strap length. Crocheted with rope with a lining that closes with a zipper at the top. A durable, statement bag. Designed and made by rae.

This bag takes 9 hrs to materialize

Size ~lrg~

15” wide x 12” tall
3” thick
Zipper opening 14”
Adjustable strap ~ 36” max length

Materials ~

Rope, carabiners, second hand fabric for the lining.

Care ~

Keep dry if possible, I would not suggest washing this bag.

Shipping ~

All bags are made to order, therefore expect a week processing time on top of delivery times.